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  • Proteomics services
    A. Proteome Profiling
    B. Protein Identification3
    C. Post-Translational Modification Proteomics—— phosphoproteome identification
    D. Quantitative proteomics
    E. Targeted Proteomics Analysis
  • Metabolism services
    A. Serum metabolite bio-marker detection
    B. Targeted lipidomics
    C. Human cardiovascular disease metabolite research
  • Trans-omics services
    The power of trans-omics research is proven, leading to amazing breakthroughs from biomarker discovery to advances in personalized medicine. We integrated with high-throughput nucleic acid sequencing and mass spectrometry platform, with genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics technology, support the trans-omics association study.

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A. Solutions for metabolic disorders

LC/MS/MS is a powerful tool for the study of metabolic disorders.As we already known, the simultaneous analysis of amino acids and acylcarnitines panels can provide information on nearly 40 metabolic disorders such as phenylketonuria (PKU). A simple flow-injection analysis can give results in 2 minutes with minimal sample preparation.

In recent years, researchers have extended the use of LC/MS/MS to include the Very Long Chain Fatty Acids for characterizing the Peroxisomal Disorders (PKU) and other clinically related biomarkers.

B. Solutions for biomarker detection

Based on combined proteomics and metabolomics profiling strategy and the biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology knowledge, we systematically dedicated in research on human disease, elucidating the mechanism, detecting the corresponding biomarker and molecular target for infertility, meanwhile providing data for clinical diagnosis and intervention.

C. Solutions for Drug Discovery and Development

For Pharma and Biopharma customers in the discovery and development pipelines, we offer an innovative set of mass spectrometry, software and validation solutions to meet the demands of modern therapeutic discovery and development. With these innovations, we can help scientists to make confident decisions faster, enable them to move candidates through the pipeline, resulting in more efficacious, safer therapeutics.

Our solutions:
A. rapid structural identification
B. in vitro metabolic stability test of the Early Discovery phase
C. the comprehensive characterization, integrated quantification and low-level quantitation of the Development phase

  • Clinical diagnostics
    A. Pediatric pulmonary artery hypertension metabolomics study
    B. Newborn metabolic disease test
    C. Amino Acids Test
    D. Hormones Test
    E. Vitamins Test
    F. Intestinal flora metabolites clinical detection
  • Food and beverage testing
    Our food and beverage testing solutions aim to speed up the LC-MS/MS platform to quantify and identify chemical contaminants and residues in a single run for the food scientists, producers, regulators and technologists to test and protect the global food and beverage supply.
    The testing solution will include:
    A. Ingredient analysis.
    B. Food authenticity testing,
    C. Pesticide testing,
    D. Antibiotic testing,
    E. Allergen testing
  • Environmental testing
    Mass spectrometry can be utilized as a powerful tool to facilitate the following testing:
    • Drinking water testing: direct sample injection for rapid analysis
    • Wastewater Testing: compound library searching for highest confidence in result
    • Environment contaminants: Ultra sensitivity for low-level compounds detection
    • Soil and biota testing: robust hardware to handle complex matrices
    • Environmental fate analysis: tools to detect and identify unlimited new and emerging contaminants.
    • Agrochemical and crop science research, empowering researchers to